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Institute for population and human studies
  • Nasselenie Review
  • ISSN 0205-0617    (Print)
    ISSN 2367-9174 (Online)
Prof. Atanas Atanasov, corresponding member
Prof. Margarita Atanasova, PhD
Prof. Iskra Beleva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Maria Belcheva, PhD
Bogdan Bogdanov, PhD
Prof. Vera Boneva, Dr. Habil. in History
Assoc. Prof. Venelin Boshnakov, PhD
Prof. Pepka Boyadjieva, Dr. Habil. in Sociology
Prof. Katya Vladimirova, PhD
Prof. Yordanka Gesheva, PhD
Prof. Nikolay Golemanov, Dr. Habil. in Medicine
Prof. Maya Grekova, Dr. Habil. in Sociology
Prof. Bojimir Davidov, Dr. Habil. in Medicine
Assoc. Prof. Vetka Zhekova, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Antonina Zhelyazkova, PhD
Prof. Irena Zareva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Bozhidar Ivkov, PhD
Evelin Jordanova, PhD
Prof. Petya Kabakchieva, PhD
Prof. Todor Kaloyanov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Yordan Kalchev, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Keremidarska, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Mariana Keremidchieva, PhD
Prof. Boris Kolev, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Iliana V. Kohler, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Anna Mantarova, PhD
Prof. Vassil Markov, Dr. of Sciences for Culture
Prof. Chavdar Mladenov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Naydenov, PhD
Prof. Penka Naydenova, Dr. Habil. in Economy
Assoc. Prof. Albena Nakova, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Petia Nedeleva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Alexey Pamporov, PhD
Prof. Penka Peykovska, Dr. Habil. in History
Assoc. Prof. Stefan Popov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Larisa Popova, Dr. Habil. in Economy
Prof. Nikolay Prodanov, PhD
Prof. Rumiana Radkova, corresponding member
Prof. Rossitsa Rangelova, Dr. Habil. in Economy
Assoc. Prof. Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva, PhD
Prof. Nikolay Stoenchev, PhD
Prof. Rumiana Stoilova, Dr. Habil. in Sociology
Assoc. Prof. Kaloyan Haralampiev, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Petko Hristov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Nikola Cholakov, PhD
Prof. Gueorgi Shopov, PhD
Prof. Rumen Yankov, PhD