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Institute for population and human studies
  • Nasselenie Review
  • ISSN 0205-0617    (Print)
    ISSN 2367-9174 (Online)
Editorial rules
Contributions to Nasselenie Review may be submitted in Bulgarian or in English.
Typically, manuscripts are approved for publication subject to double blind peer-reviewing by two reviewers and a discussion at the Editorial Board's session. The authors will be informed about the Editorial Board's decision within 3—5 months after the submission of the manuscript and will receive the reviews and a summary of the Editorial Board's discussion.
The basic criteria for assessing the quality of the manuscripts are: correspondence to the remit of the Review; new ideas and significant new results; compelling argumentation of the thesis; appropriate presentation of the background of the issue studied; correct estimation of the contribution of previous researchers without any regional or other limitations; compliance with the formal technical requirements.
review nasselenie
І. IS THE ARTICLE TOPIC APPROPRIATE FOR THE REVIEW? (Please, use as many rows as needed.)
ІІ. ESTIMATION OF THE ARTICLE SUBMITTED: Please, answer YES or NO to the following questions and add your comment if necessary.
1. Article title is precise and correct. 2. The abstract reflects the content of the article correctly. 3. The purpose or the thesis of the article is formulated precisely. 4. New ideas and important new results are presented in the article. 5. The background of the issue studied is presented completely enough and correct estimation of the contribution of previous researchers, without any regional or other limitations, is given in the article. 6. The research methods used are correct and appropriate and they are explained clearly. 7. The argumentation of the main thesis is compelling. 8. The narrative is clear and sufficient. 9. Tables, figures and charts (maps) are necessary and presented according to the requirements. 10. The conclusions made arise from the content. 11. The article is of interest for many readers of the review.
ІІІ. NOTES AND RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE REFEREE TO THE AUTHOR: (These comments can complement or be instead of the referee’s comments included in the text of the article. Please, use as many rows as needed.
ІV. RECOMMENDATION TO THE NASSELENIE REVIEW: (Please, write YES to one of the following actions you recommend to the Editorial Board) 1. To be published in the submitted form. 2. To be published after insignificant changes according to the notes in this review form. 3. To be published after significant changes according to the notes in this review form and after a check by the referee. 4. To be rejected and to encourage the author to rewrite the article and submit it again for reviewing. 5. To be rejected.