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Institute for population and human studies
  • Nasselenie Review
  • ISSN 0205-0617    (Print)
    ISSN 2367-9174 (Online)
Prof. Kremena BORISSOVA-MARINOVA, PhD – IPHS-BAS, Bulgaria
Deputy Editor-in-chief
Assoc. Prof. Elitsa DIMITROVA, PhD – IPHS-BAS, Bulgaria
Prof. David COLEMAN – University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Prof. Tatyana KOTZEVA, PhD – Bourgas Free University, Bulgaria
Prof. Filomena MAGGINO – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Prof. Kees MANDEMAKERS – International Institute of Social History, Netherlands
Assoc. Prof. Iakovos MICHAILIDIS – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Assoc. Prof. Guenoveva MIHOVA, PhD – Bulgaria
Prof. Marta SUGAREVA, Dr. Habil. in Sociology – Plovdiv University, Bulgaria
Prof. Ilona TOMOVA, PhD – IPHS-BAS, Bulgaria
Prof. Shtelian SHTERIONOV, Dr. Habil. in History– IPHS-BAS, Bulgaria