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Institute for population and human studies
  • Nasselenie Review
  • ISSN 0205-0617    (Print)
    ISSN 2367-9174 (Online)
The Review was established in 1983 as a theme series entitled "Nasselenie" (Bulgarian for population) and published by the Demography Coordination Council at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The series continued to be issued as the Nasselenie Review published by the Academy's demography unit. Since 2010 the Review has been published by the Institute for Population and Human Studies at BAS.
Nasselenie Review is the only academic periodical specialised in demography in Bulgaria. Original research efforts relative to population's development and reproduction and studies into the economic, social, medical, historical, psychological and other factors impacting population development make the bulk of Nasselenie's publications. Other Review's publications include results of empirical studies, theoretical and methodological works as well as translated articles of foreign authors.
The Review is aimed at providing academic information on topical demographic problems and the results of their research, thus creating a space for science debates and informing the Governing bodies and broader audience in the country.
Two regular issues of the Review are published a year. Additional special purpose-designed issues are published according to the Editorial Board's decision.